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We have an easy selection of vehicles to suit all tastes. We make it easy, our selection of vehicles is all you need to enjoy Tenerife.

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Please note that each of our vehicles is covered by third party liability insurance.

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Our clients said…

kati klofikati klofi
10:14 12 Sep 22
Tommy Trips Tenerife has never got me disappointed. Ive been travelling the world for almost 2 decades and I can tell that this company is truly one of a kind! Ive been in Tenerife a few times in the last years and every time I contact Tommy for my needs, by the time I land in the island my car is waiting for me at the airport, my Trips are sorted or prepared. No mistakes!Tommy has a lot of options, when we came with kids they had a lot of fun thanx to Tommy and his knowledge. To mention a few things , He offered us some top activities besides a few others like Loro Park and the water world, we also went on a catamaran trip to see the pilot whales... the kids loved it!When we came with friends without the kids it was even more entertaining! ?Stargazing on the top of the vulcano, boatparty, one day we took a motorbike and drove around the whole island.... the curves and the roads are excellent!we also rented a boat for ourselves for a few days, that was the best part! We could enjoy places, like tiny beaches with a picknick basket where noone was nearby. ?I can't recommend Tommy enough. I also need to mention his love for his work, his kindness and friendlines. I met him about 4 years ago I needed a car and he really made my holiday in many ways.When I come to Tenerife I send him a message what I need and all my Holiday Hustle is done in minutes thanx to Tommy....but don't believe me, try it yourself you won't get disappointed! ?
emily mosesemily moses
08:49 10 Aug 22
5 stars are not even enough !! Best rental experience we had ! Everything was so easy, car came to the hotel exactly on time that we requested with all the correct chairs for the kids, full insurance , and we just left keys at reception at the end and had no worries at all. The service we got from Tommy was more than amazing, he cares so much that customers will have the best experience and get a car that they will be comfortable with, with very good prices and options. If you need to rent A car do not hesitate, I am sure you will not be disappointed and would be amazed on how perfect his service is and how easy everything is, thank you so much and we will definitely rent a car for Tommy again!!
Daan CorstjensDaan Corstjens
22:03 07 Aug 22
Absolutely sublime and fantastic service. We rented two cars for a few cars and we where blown away by the fast and professional service we where presented with. I would highly recommend renting a car here because the service is great and the staff is very nice and professional, you will not regret it!!
lorenza den daaslorenza den daas
20:56 20 Jul 22
Let me tell you, this man, is IT. He is the most amazing person we met on this island. We wanted to have a car for our group of 6, the big car was not available, but that was not a problem for tommy. He arranged 2 very nice, luxurious and most amazing cars. So that we could explore the island as a group. Our hotel was next to his office and everytime we drove by him, we wave and say hi! The service was SUPER quick, within 24 hours 2 cars arranged on our doorstep no trouble. Super SUPER friendly! He arranged the contracts nicely with the most friendly and comforting contact ever. Not only friendly but also a nice do-able price for what you get! He evencame to take a picture with us! Our group of 6 loves tommy his personality combined with the most amazng service you will meet on this island. Normally i wouldn’t write such a big review, but i think tommy really deserves it, you can see he works hard and delivers all the time. If we ever come back, we will come back to tommy. We like tommy!We would give him more than 5 stars if we could.Lots of love and greetings,From Lorenza and the gang!
Melissa RichMelissa Rich
07:31 15 Jul 22
Just come back from a fabulous 2 week holiday in tenerife And so glad we found Tommy such a friendly and helpful person. We hired jet skis and went on a boat trip saw the dolphins which was amazing. He was very professional and went above and beyond to make our holiday great! I highly recommend him!!Thank you Tommy ?
Ibrahim QayyumIbrahim Qayyum
15:53 02 Jul 22
Tommy offers the best prices, best service and is one of the nicest people I’ve spoken to. Made all communication very clear and easy. He was very transparent and spoke like a long lost friend. Had one of the best experiences because of Tommy. Great person and he will make your trip even better! 1000% recommend
Tom GowlandTom Gowland
17:11 19 Jun 22
We needed to rent a car at very short notice and Tommy was excellent at finding exactly what we needed and was able to get hold of the perfect car for us. Tommy was extremely open and honest throughout our interactions with him and his communication was fantastic.He's a genuinely great guy and I would recommend to anyone.
15:41 03 Jun 22
Tommy is one of the excellent and exceptional persons I met in my tripsVery resourceful and always ensured that we had the right end to end support for everything, during our stay in Tenerife.. right from car booking to activities including excursions, watersports, private boats trips, etc .On top of all he is a very nice, gentle and honest person. Can't recommend him more and my kids also had a fantastic time
Nynke FeenstraNynke Feenstra
21:23 19 Mar 22
5+ star service and a great, affordable car!Last minute we came up with the idea to rent a car during our stay in Tenerife. Everything was booked or very expensive. I found Tommy’s company on Google and decided to send a message. Within a few minutes Tommy responded to me with the good news that he had a car available, which was in line with all our wishes as well. And also important: very affordable compared to other companies.The car was great and the service was excellent! Everything was arranged very quickly and they picked up our car at the hotel for free! Besides that, they don’t even ask for a deposit. Quickest and easiest car rental service I have ever experienced!
Colin AColin A
17:06 13 Mar 22
Excellent service from Tommy & his company. I requested car hire initially for 4 days. I was asked where I am staying so the car can be delivered directly to me. This service was excellent as it meant I could wait for the car to arrive at my accommodation.The car arrived on time with paperwork and information communicated to me in a timely manner. The process was very easy. I then used the car and returned it to a place of my own convenience as I carried out my holiday plans. I took photos of the car and sent the location back to Tommy. The car was then picked up by Tommy's drivers.This service, as a customer, saves you time and hassle that the bigger car companies don't have.Communication between myself and Tommy Trips was great.Because of this great service, I then requested a car for later on in my holiday. Again, this was for 4 days. I picked the car up from a convenient location (travelled back to Tenerife from La Gomera & the car was delivered to me on my arrival back to the port). Once my holiday was finished, I dropped the car off at the airport which, again, saved me time.Normally, you would have to drop a car off, wait in a queue, maybe fill out some paperwork etc. With Tommy Trips service, I dropped the car off, let Tommy know where the car was and headed into the airport without any hassle. Again, saving me valuable time.The cost of this car hire was also very competitive. Given the service that you get from Tommy, I would absolutely recommend this company. I will definitely use this service again on my return to Tenerife.The car hire also included fully comprehensive insurance so this is also great with no additional cost to the hirer.Thank you for the problem free and time saving service Tommy!I will be back!
Jacqueline VeltmanJacqueline Veltman
14:25 03 Feb 22
Perfect place to rent a car: Tommy was very friendly and efficient and it took all of five minutes to arrange a car for the next day for a considerably better price than what I was quoted at the hotel. Everything is included in the price, no extras needed for more insurance coverage or GPS and you return the petrol tank as full as it was on leaving. Also, the car was pretty new and didn’t smell of your usual awful car freshener. Much appreciated!We drove all over the island without a problem (including up some pretty steep slopes) and when we got back parked the car near the hotel and left the keys at reception so we didn’t even have to get up early to return it the day after. Can recommend wholeheartedly. Tommy even sent a message late afternoon to check everything was going all right. Much appreciated and I’d certainly go back! Keep up the good work ☺️.
Martin DirixMartin Dirix
11:08 24 Jan 22
This car rental service is very professional and perfect for the customer. Since 0 euros insurance deductible and very professional and simple handling of car collection and car return. In addition, Tommy is a very likeable and very courteous person. We are happy to have met him during our vacation. It's very rare to find a great person with great service. Trust was immediately established after we personally visited him in the shop. His staff are also very professional and explain all the steps in great detail, leaving no questions unanswered. In particular, the 24 hour availability service is what makes the car rental service unbeatable on the island. Tommy Trips is the best service partner for holiday trips on this island.