Rental insurance coverage:
There is no blocking of credit or debit cards, so there is no need to put down a deposit like with other companies.
Our vehicles are insured, which means that you are covered in case of an accident and liability. This means that if any accident is caused by another vehicle, it is not your responsibility, and therefore you will not have to pay for these damages. Also, damage caused by another vehicle while you have left your car parked overnight, or in a strange and permitted car park, is not your responsibility.
In cases in which the policyholder is considered to be liable
The insurance does not cover accidents caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs, reckless or irresponsible driving or interior damage such as cigarette burns or corrosive agents on the upholstery of the vehicle. It is also the responsibility of the driver or the insured to fill up with the correct fuel, depending on whether it is diesel or petrol.
Please note:
You are not allowed to park on the yellow lines, but you are allowed to park on the white lines, which are free of charge, while the yellow lines are prohibited as loading and unloading zones. If you see a symbol in Spanish in the car park and do not understand it, we recommend that you do not park in that area.
If the vehicle is impounded by the police for being parked in a prohibited loading or unloading zone or for blocking traffic or pedestrian crossings, we are not responsible for these actions. It is the responsibility of the customer to collect the vehicle (if the vehicle is impounded by the local police in Tenerife). Depending on the severity, this may result in a charge of around 105 euros, or more in rare cases.
Important. The insurance does not cover the loss of keys, so you should take care not to lose them.
The cost of replacing lost keys can be up to 150 euros, depending on the model of car. In addition, there is the cost of transport for the staff who have to collect the car. Although this is extremely rare, it can happen. The customer is also responsible for damage to tyres caused by driving over kerbs due to excessive speed. The customer is also liable for damage to tyres caused by driving over kerbs at excessive speed.
The liability costs that he has to pay in case of a self-inflicted accident or major damage to the vehicle amount to a maximum of 300 euros, which he first claims from the insurance company; the insurance company pays the rest.
In all of the above cases, our staff will ask you for your credit or debit card number as a reference, the corresponding claim to your financial institution. We cannot check in advance whether your account is covered or not, we leave that to your discretion.
In each of these cases, the owners will forward this amount to the bank, who will decide together with the customer whether to pay this penalty.
Again, we do not freeze cash or credit card deposits in any case. We only need the number to make the above demands on your financial institution, but your bank may refuse to pay.