Speed Boat Hire


Tommy Trips presents one of the fastest boats on Tenerife!

How many people can it accommodate?

It can accommodate up to 6 people.

What is the path?

Because there is no captain on this boat, you can choose the route.

How long is the journey?

There are trips available ranging from one to six hours in length; you determine how long your excursion will last.

When are the ships scheduled to leave?

Every day at 10:00 a.m., but bookings are necessary due to the strong demand for this boat.

How much does a private charter cost?

Starting at €190 for two hours and going up to €410 for six hours, regardless of the number of passengers, with a maximum of six.


Will we get the opportunity to witness dolphins and whales?

It’s all luck; most of the time, you’ll see dolphins and whales, as well as turtles and other marine species, but we can’t guarantee it because it depends totally on the weather and the route you choose.

Is food and drink included with this excursion?

No, because this is a small boat that you will be sailing, there will be no food or beverage service.
You are, of course, welcome to bring as much food and drink as you want.

What sanitary precautions are in place for this boat?

Yes, like all of our products, is properly disinfected before each journey.
There is no mandatory separation between passengers if they are all members of a family or close friends group.
The usage of masks is entirely optional; they are not required.

How do you handle cancellations?

We respect our clients’ decisions, and we have a cancellation policy that is 100% refundable of money paid up to 48 hours before the trip, regardless of the cause.

How do I pay for the reservation?

When contracting the service with Tommy Trips, our firm is only permitted to retain roughly 30% or 40% of the booking, which will be paid at the time of booking online or at our office.
The remaining balance will be paid on the day and time of the excursion.
This new policy is intended to assist the customer, who will not lose their entire deposit if they have to cancel their trip due to force majeure or their own decision, as long as the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the trip taking place.

What elements did you consider while choosing and recommending this tour?

This tour, like all of the excursions we provide, has been carefully chosen based on user feedback and satisfaction, as well as our own research and testing, to assure the greatest quality.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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