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Let yourself be taken high above the sealevel and fly over the island to the beach. A unique opportunity to see the unique natural scenery of the volcanic Teide Mountains from an aerial perspective. At the same time you will enjoy an exciting time full of adrenaline. All this with the assistance of a professional team who will fly with you. So even those who decide to take this attraction for the first time, with no previous experience, will feel safe.


What will this adventure entail?

It is a tandem paragliding activity with an instructor.

Who should go on this excursion?

There is no upper age limit for youngsters starting at the age of five.

What are the schedules?

The journey lasts roughly an hour and a half, including prior instruction.

Does the company have transport included?

Yes, transportation is provided;

pick-ups are organized from the nearest point to your hotel or place of stay.

The schedule runs from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How challenging is this outing?

The tour is led by trained teachers and has a medium level of difficulty. A training session is held 40 minutes before the excursion, during which all directions for the trip’s proper execution are delivered.

What variations do you have on this excursion?

There are five possible options for this excursion:

Standard flight
Take off from 800 meters
It is also known as a Standard flight since it lasts roughly 20 minutes and is acceptable for everyone.
Take off from 1100 meters
With a running time of about 25 minutes.
Teide flight
Take off from 2200 meters
This flight takes between 35 and 40 minutes, depending on the rate of descent. This trip is also known as the Teide flight, implying that it departs from a location near the volcano.
most popular
High-performance flight
This trip lasts around 30 minutes, is the most popular, and has no defined height; the operator selects the most appropriate launching location since it is a more acrobatic flight.
Flight with Paratrike
This fascinating flight consists of a paraglider with an integrated motor, accompanied by an instructor behind the pilot, and is appropriate for all sorts of individuals, even those with limited mobility. It has adjustable seats and, unlike the other flights, its point of departure is from the mainland. It features adjustable seats and, unlike the other flights, departs from the mainland.

Where do the paragliders touch down?

Most of the time the paragliders land on the beach. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, the company may modify the route to ensure the client’s safety.

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Is there any discrimination towards those with physical disabilities?

This trip is of medium difficulty and is good for most individuals, however it is not suggested for those who are scared of heights or have serious cardiac issues.

What is the tour’s cancellation policy?

As with all of our activities, the cancellation policy states that the customer may withdraw from this activity up to 48 hours before the trip; beyond that time, he or she will forfeit a minimum proportion of the amount placed prior to the excursion.

If the expedition is canceled, generally due to inclement weather, the customer will be repaid in full, no questions asked.

What factors were used to suggest this excursion above others that offered the same activity?
Our advice is determined by the level of satisfaction of our clients, the rating that we constantly monitor, the safety measures and professionalism of the monitors, as well as our own experience.

We wish you an adrenaline-fueled journey suitable for great adventurers and brave people!

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1100 meters, 2200 meters, 800 meters, High-performance, Paratrike

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