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Sinds het jaar 2020 zijn we een laagdrempelig autoverhuurbedrijf dat ook hoog gewaardeerde excursies aanbiedt.

As a company, we were founded on the principle of connecting customers with their leisure activities on time and without a lack of information to provide customers with the best possible experiences and service.

In addition, we are constantly searching for the most suitable alternatives for the customers who are so welcoming to us.

We are pleased to provide a wide range of products and services to customers wishing to explore Tenerife, either through car rental or trips from Costa Adeje, on Tenerife’s south coast.

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Monte Cristo 9

Selectie van toeristische activiteiten en autoverhuur in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Tommy Trips only offers decent-ranking companies high-quality excursions. We test and choose excursions to offer the best experience for our customers.


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19 / 10/ 2021


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25 / 03/ 2022


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26 / 02/ 2022


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27 / 04/ 2022
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