Medano surfers’ paradise

The famous beach for water sports, which you simply must visit.The village of El Médano can be found in the southern part of Tenerife, not more than a few kilometres away from the Reina Sofa airport. Although it is located much closer to the well-known Costa Adeje and even to Santa Cruz, the capital of the island, it is a village that a number of our guests choose to ignore.

In 2004, El Médano was awarded its blue flag, which indicates that it has a distinct population that enjoys participating in water sports, particularly kitesurfing. Because of its expansive beach and powerful winds, El Médano is the perfect place for these kinds of activities.

In addition to this, its new dining options have grown. There is now a wide range of small restaurants with different themes, as well as a unique nightlife.

If you are currently reading this, it is highly likely that you are located in or close to Costa Adeje. We strongly suggest that you drive along this stunning beach and take in all of its splendour. Because there are so many people going to this beach town, it is strongly proposed that you take the highway instead of the coast.

To get to El Médano as quickly as possible, we advise getting a rental car. You can look through the many cars we have for sale on our website whenever you want.