Masca The Spanish Machu Picchu

There is a striking resemblance between Machu Picchu in Peru and Masca in Tenerife, Spain, despite the fact that these two locations are 8.544 km apart and share not a single feature in common.

Masca is a tranquil and stunningly beautiful natural setting. At an elevation of 700 metres above sea level, this location provides a serene atmosphere ideal for meditation. Our Guanches ancestors, who are considered to be our first known native lineage, once used Masca Village as a sacred site. After some time, it gained a reputation as a safe haven for pirates.

Masca is a natural area in Spain that is preserved, but there are only a few hundred people who make their home there today. In order to reach Masca, you will be required to drive on a number of roads that are congested, twisting, and narrow; therefore, you should practise your driving manoeuvres in advance. This village, as a form of compensation, will explain everything there is to know about itself.

Many people consider the village of Masca to be the most picturesque location in all of Spain. If you find yourself in Tenerife, it is imperative that you make your way to this location.