Kayaking & Snorkelling with Turtles

39 🕓 2 hours

A combination of kayaking and snorkelling. A two-hour great experience for families, friends and couples. Starts in Los Cristianos in front of the diving school and heads towards the reefs of Palm-mar. Highly professional team, friendly instructors and fantastic atmosphere. Definitely a great experience for everyone.

What does this excursion consist of?

This is a triple activity consisting of a kayak trip, snorkelling and underwater sea turtle watching.

Who is this excursion recommended for?

For children from 6 years old, no age limit.

What are the timetables?

The excursion consists of two and a half hours.

The timetable is as follows:

with the possibility of extending the timetable to an extra excursion depending on the weather conditions.

10:00 am to 12:30 pm

14:30 pm to 17:00 pm

How difficult is this excursion?

This is an excursion done by professionals. The degree of difficulty is minimal as there is a previous training of half an hour before the excursion, where all the instructions for the correct execution of the excursion will be given.
During the whole excursion, you will be accompanied by guides and a lifeboat a few metres from the kayak.

How many kayaks are there per excursion?

Up to a maximum of six.

What are my chances of seeing turtles?

The route chosen for this excursion is designed to see turtles almost 100% of the time. Obviously, the company cannot promise that you will always see turtles, as this is a factor controlled by nature, but it is very unlikely that you will not have a sighting.

snorkeling with turtles 1

Are there any restrictions for people with physical disabilities?

Although this tour is standard and the degree of difficulty is very low, it is not recommended for people with mobility or respiratory problems.

What cancellation policy applies to this excursion?

As with all our activities, the cancellation policy includes the fact that the client can withdraw from this activity up to 48 hours before the excursion, after 48 hours he/she will lose a minimum percentage which is the payment made before the excursion.

If the excursion is cancelled, generally due to weather conditions, the total amount paid by the client will be refunded in full without any kind of questioning.

What criteria have been applied to recommend this excursion over others offering the same activity?

We base our recommendation on the degree of satisfaction of our clients, on the ranking that we continuously check, the safety measures and the professionalism of the instructors, as well as our own experience.

We wish you a wonderful experience!

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